Personalised granite kerb sets that endure

When it comes to selecting a memorial, one of the major factors to consider is the strength and durability offered. Monument construction has always been dictated by the available materials and tools, as well as the skills of the craftsmen. A combination of these aspects results in the creation of the finest memorial products. The majority of monuments that have successfully stood the test of time were made from stone. Granite, in particular, has the capacity to withstand the effects of the most extreme weather temperatures and other external elements that can impact negatively on other materials.

Granite is extremely heavy and possesses no salvage value. This reduces its vulnerability to theft. It is extremely unlikely that granite based materials will be stolen for profit. Granite can also resist most levels of vandalism and requires minimal maintenance. This ensures that the headstones and memorials of the deceased can be kept in good condition with little effort, as well as reducing long-term cemetery costs.

We manufacture the highest quality memorials for our customers. Granite construction offers all kinds of finishes and colours. We carry granite kerb sets, headstones, ledgers, grave markers and more. Kerb surrounds are ideal for marking a grave, as they can seamlessly blend with a headstone. As well as complementing the headstone, it can also be personalised with images and words of your choosing. A further advantage of a granite kerb set is its resistance to impact. Once securely fixed in place, the position of your surround will not shift if anything collides with it or if it is accidentally stepped on.

Our collection of memorials includes strong and long lasting granite kerb sets. We have an extensive selection of products, or alternatively we can provide a tailored service and produce a specially designed and crafted bespoke product. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier we remain focused on the consistent delivery of first class memorials that save you money and inspire complete customer satisfaction.

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