Personalised memorials for the home and garden

As a leading supplier of memorial products including headstones, cremation memorials and plaques, we are committed to serving and meeting the diverse needs of communities. We carry the largest collection of memorials in the country, and our aim is to help you select the right ones for you. We know how important it is to pay tribute to and remember your deceased loved ones and we offer affordable, high quality memorials.

We receive many different requests and our goal is to successfully meet every one. People are individuals, and it is important to respect their wishes and their character after they have passed. Our varied range of interior and exterior memorials is based on a varied range of preferences and requirements and our service sensitively caters to every need.

Many people wish to erect memorials in locations separate from the place of burial or interment. Home and garden memorials allow you to set up a place of remembrance somewhere you feel comfortable. Familiarity and privacy can be hugely comforting when we grieve, and by commemorating a lost loved one at home or a location that has significant meaning you can still feel close to the deceased.

Pet memorials are important when a family loses an animal. Gardens around the world play host to lost loved pets and garden memorials offer comfort to children and the family as a whole. Our external memorials are available in many different materials and each one guarantees to withstand unpleasant weather conditions and provide long lasting tribute.

Our memorials are constructed from granite, marble and natural hardwood. Every material offers strength and aesthetic appeal. We also carry a selection of memorial plaques that allow graceful marking of a death. Memorial plaques beautifully enhance any garden or outdoor space and they can be specially designed to suit your specifications.

We can personalise your memorials with the designs of your choosing. If you are unsure of the texts and graphics to opt for we will talk you through the options available and help you make the right choice. You can select from elegant motifs and images and ensure your commemorative items are special. Our affordable home and garden memorials save you money and offer you the perfect tributes for your personal spaces.

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