Personalising a memorial plaque

Memorial plaques are an excellent way to commemorate a deceased loved one as they can be placed in a wide range of different places. You can have a plaque to mark the grave, add them to a timber bench in a favourite place, leave one in the crematorium or even keep it at home as a reminder. They are used as tributes for both burials and cremations, making them amongst the most versatile options available.

Plaques can be made from a range of materials. There are metallic ones like brass or bronze as well as stone ones made from the same quality marble and granite used to make large headstones. The material you opt for will depend on where you plan on putting the plaque and the type of finish you want.

One of the most important things to consider when you choose memorial plaques is the inscription you want. The size of the memorial will limit what you can put on it, including the size of the font and the length of the text. There are limitations on the layout but you still have a great amount of freedom with what you put on the piece.

Working closely with the mason is advised when designing the memorial so you can avoid overcrowding and decide on the right design. With larger memorial plaques you can add personal details, an inscription and graphics to make the piece unique. If you go for a smaller one you’ll have to think carefully about what you want to include and say. Whatever type of memorial plaques you wish for, you can be assured our skilled team will provide it for you.

Metal plaques are a good option because you can have the inscription engraved or embossed if you prefer. With stone ones carving is the only option but you can have gold leaf or silver etchings. With both options it is essential to select the right font; large cursive ones take up more space so you need to be careful when going with these.

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