Placing a permanent flower as part of a memorial

The placement of flowers at the final resting place of the deceased is a tradition which dates back many years. It is a peaceful mark of respect, with certain flowers coming to symbolise and represent different meanings and forms of memory. Although carrying flowers to a burial site is a very meaningful act for many, there are some who wish to have a particular flower in place at all times. The purpose of our work is to create memorials that are perfect for your requirements, so we are proud to be able to supply bronze painted lily plaques for this purpose.

As we mentioned, certain flowers take on great significance and symbolism when paying respects to the deceased. This is certainly true for lilies. On a very broad level, many believe that the presence of a lily represents the restoration of innocence to the soul of the deceased. In the eyes of many, white lilies also represent a sense of sympathy for those who knew and loved the deceased, as well as reflecting that they lived a good and pure life.

Keeping this is mind, it is understandable why so many would wish to have a lily permanently placed as part of a memorial. We completely understand how important memorials can be to the bereaved as part of the healing process, which led us to create our bronze painted lily plaques. Our artisans and masons have carefully designed the plaque in such a way that it may be displayed on its own or be safely and seamlessly incorporated into other forms of memorials, such as headstones or kerb sets.

We are certain that we are not alone in considering the lily to be a beautiful, elegant and charming flower in its own right, as well as one of the most symbolic and meaningful blooms. This sense of beauty is enhanced when it is placed in association with a memorial for a loved one. Our gifted artists have captured both the beauty and the meaning of this flower within our elegant bronze painted lily.

If you are seeking to place a permanent flower as part of your memorial, we would be honoured to help you. Whether you wish for a lily to be placed or another form of flower, we will do all we can to ensure you are completely happy with the memorial we create.

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