Planning a funeral service for a child

A funeral is always a very personal occasion, and organising a funeral for a child who has passed away can be one of the most difficult challenges we ever face in life. A funeral for a child is often a very different type of occasion than a service for an adult, but as with any kind of funeral service, this is entirely down to personal choices and preferences. There is no right or wrong way to plan a child’s funeral, but here are some of the matters you may wish to consider when you are faced with this task.

– Choosing funeral directors. They can help you to make the necessary arrangements, such as booking the venue and the officiant for the service. It is not compulsory to use the services of a funeral director, but they can make the planning easier and offer support throughout the process.

– The eulogy and Order of Service. The eulogy offers a chance to reflect on the special memories you shared with your child, but many people understandably find it overwhelming to have to write a eulogy and deliver it in public. If you do not feel you are able to deliver the eulogy, your officiant can do it for you. If your child had a favourite poem or book, you could read a passage, or play their favourite song.

– Dress codes. Many people opt for a more relaxed dress code at a child’s funeral than they would at an adult’s service, with a move away from the traditional black clothing. Many parents request that attendees wear the child’s favourite colour, or something that represents one of their passions and interests. This is entirely down to personal choice and the comfort of the funeral guests.

– Transportation. There are many different options, from traditional horse drawn carriages for a child who loved animals, to classic hearses, to non-traditional vehicles and even motorbikes.

– Floral tributes. Many local florists will create personalised floral wreaths, letters and other tributes to represent and pay tribute to the child. Some people choose certain flowers for their meanings and symbolism.

– Memorials. Before or after the funeral service, you may wish to consider creating a headstone to mark the child’s final resting place. We have a range of children’s headstones especially designed for this purpose, incorporating both classic and modern designs, which can be personalised in any way you choose.

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