Private interment of your loved ones with our mausoleums

Over the last decade, the demand for mausoleums has risen substantially. An increasing number of people are moving away from the idea of traditional below ground burials and opting for internal interment in beautifully designed mausoleums. When it comes to making decisions concerning our deceased loved ones, we all have our own ideas, and it is important that we make the choices we are comfortable with. Choosing a mausoleum for a final resting place combines all the burial options into one and offers a comprehensive solution. Many people opt for a mausoleum interment as it incorporates a graveside service, a memorial monument and the entombing of their loved one. For anyone that wishes for a grave that sits above ground, a mausoleum offers the perfect solution.

Many people find the idea of laying a body to rest in the earth unappealing. Mausoleum interment offer great comfort to people, as they are able to feel close to the physical presence of the deceased and remember them the way they were in life. External grave plots require regular care to maintain the area, but a mausoleum burial demands little to no maintenance. Mausoleums and vaults are built to provide long lasting eternal tribute and they offer immense strength and durability. They provide the bereaved with a private and intimate place to share time with the deceased without intrusion. Furthermore, you are able to visit with your loved ones for as long as you wish in a warm and sheltered space.

Alongside our range of adults’ and children’s headstones, we offer a vast collection of mausoleum products constructed from solid granite. Our selection of current designs meets a wide range of needs, but we are also happy to create a bespoke design to suit your precise specifications. We can readily adapt our current selection to accommodate up to 12 caskets of large size. Our team of talented designers can design the interior of walk in family mausoleum spaces to provide comfortable and relaxing surroundings. Whatever your style and design ideas, our creative professionals can create the perfect space with exquisite and elegant designs. Our freestanding mausoleums can also be altered to suit your preferences. We take every step to ensure your every need is met by our products.

We carry the largest collection in the UK and offer high quality at affordable prices, providing discount products that deliver the long term commemoration you need and save you money at the same time. Contact us for advice concerning our full range of adults’ and children’s headstones and other memorials and our friendly team will assist you with a patient and understanding service.

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