MH210 Italian White Marble Headstone


Italian White Marble Headstone

3″ Thick Standard: £1143
Overall Height: 2'6″ (750mm)
Headstone: 2'3″ x 1'9″ x 3″ (675x525x75mm)
Base: 3″ x 2'0″ x 12″ (75x600x300mm)

Or upgrade:

3″ Thick Large: £1245
Overall Height: 3'0″ (900mm)
Headstone: 2'9″ x 2'0″ x 3″ (825x600x75mm)
Base: 3″ x 2'6″ x 12″ (75x750x300mm)

All prices include VAT and installation. Additional fixing fees may apply depending upon the cemetery/churchyard involved. Most cemeteries require a memorial to be installed with an anchor bolt which would add £59.00 to the price. Depending upon where in the UK the burial ground is located there may be a Distance Area Charge applicable – which would be quoted in your personalised quotation