Providing a final resting place for ashes

Knowing that death is an inevitable part of life, many of us make plans in advance for others to follow after we pass away. Prior plans and arrangements will ensure that you are remembered in the way you want to be, and it also lifts responsibility from your family and loved ones at their time of bereavement.

When making a plan, one important consideration is what to do with your ashes after the cremation service. With cremations currently making up 80% of all funeral services, it is highly likely that this will be the option you select. Many people wish for their remains to be scattered over a favourite location. Although the sentiment behind this can be understood by all of us, such a decision should be reached only after also giving thought to the wishes of those who will remain behind. Family and loved ones might wish for a more traditional form of resting place to be established.

For many bereaved people, there is a preference to have a burial site for those that have passed away. Many find that such a location brings them a great deal of comfort and peace of mind, as they are able to visit the loved one at a place where they are in eternal rest. A traditional burial of the ashes after a cremation service is something to be considered for the sake of those who will remain behind. Biodegradable urns are often chosen for this purpose, providing an eco-friendly way to contain the ashes as they are interred.

Our masons enable you to have a perfect focal point for the bereaved. We offer a significant range of cremation memorials, all of which can be placed at either burial sites or at a location which you would feel to be most suitable. We also have a range of small adults and childrens headstones which can be installed at the spot where the ashes have been interred. Although there is some understandable emotional appeal to the notion of having your ashes scattered at a special place, on reflection, many people find that burying the ashes feels like the right option for them.

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