Providing beautiful kerb set memorials for our clients

From traditional headstones to inscribed plaques, there is a huge array of memorials that a person can take into consideration when it comes to memorialising a loved one. For those looking for something a little different, a kerb set is definitely something to keep in mind. These fantastic memorials encompass the entire circumference of a grave, making a memorial that can certainly withstand the test of time. We take great pride in our work and when you come to us for kerb sets, you can be assured that all work is done to nothing less than the highest possible quality.

Kerb sets are magnificent memorials, consisting of a kerb that surrounds the overall grave site, and often topped with a headstone that stands strong and resolute over the grave. A slab can also be used to cover the grave. As an alternative, many people choose coloured chippings to add a finishing decorative touch. Kerb sets may vary in terms of decoration: headstones may come in a number of unique designs, they may display statues, memorial plaques or grave ornaments, and flower holders may also be included. They certainly look impressive in any setting, and they are more than capable of withstanding inclement weather.

Our kerb sets are constructed out of either granite or marble. Marble looks fantastic and can easily withstand even the worst weather conditions that are thrown at it. Our granite memorials are available in a variety of colours and styles for unique aesthetic dimensions. Both materials are extremely strong and durable, and are hand-carved by our team of memorial masons. Engraving can also be provided, with the first hundred letters for free. We can even engrave images and graphics onto a kerb set or headstone if you wish.

Whatever you require for your kerb set, we can provide it for you, and you can be completely assured that every kerb set that comes from our company is constructed to the highest possible standards. Our skilled and qualified memorial masons are more than capable of creating the best possible memorial to your exact specifications. When you wish to memorialise a loved one, our accredited memorial masons will be there for you, offering only the highest quality kerb sets and other memorials that money can buy.

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