Rainbow stone memorials reflect the uniqueness of a life

In general, grey is considered to be the standard colour of a headstone, reflecting the natural appearance of the stone from which the memorial has been created. The majority of memorials across the UK are of this shade, but you are not limited to this option when selecting a headstone for a loved one. For those seeking a particularly distinct look, our rainbow stone memorials should be given consideration.

The word “rainbow” may suggest that these memorials are highly colourful. Although our marble rainbow stone headstones feature a unique blend of colours, they are subtle and distinguished, and will not look out of place in their intended settings. We have a strong relationship with the authorities responsible for burial sites across the UK, so you can rest assured that we would never offer nor suggest memorials which would not be permitted for placement.

While conforming to the size dimensions and safety requirements of burial sites, our rainbow memorials have a unique appearance which comes through quite naturally. The different colours make a pattern across the marble which is completely individual to each headstone. This is the most significant factor which makes many people choose a rainbow stone memorial as the ideal choice to commemorate the deceased, as the colours perfectly reflect the vibrancy and the uniqueness of their life.

Over the years our commitment to the bereaved has been to craft memorials which present a dignified and heartfelt commemoration of the deceased. We find that for many people the distinctive shades and patterns of rainbow stone headstones reflect the unique qualities of the person they loved, making the material the perfect choice for them. Our compassionate team are available at your convenience to discuss the different styles and forms of memorials we can design and create for you in rainbow stone, from kerb sets to ledgers to headstones.

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