Reasons to choose a ledger memorial

Ledger memorials are becoming a more frequent sight at burial grounds and church graveyards across the UK. These impressive memorials are not only used to commemorate community leaders and dignitaries; as prices become more affordable, many have come to appreciate the distinct benefits the offer, and they are suitable to commemorate anyone who we loved and cared for. As the leading name for memorials in the UK today, we know there are several reasons why ledger memorials have increased in popularity.

One of the greatest concerns around burial sites and cemeteries in the present day is ensuring the safety of people who visit to pay their respects. There have been a number of cases where headstones have been allowed to fall into disrepair and have toppled over. Whilst we craft, build and expertly install long lasting headstones which do not pose these risks, we understand that many wish to avoid headstones but still want a dignified and traditional memorial for the deceased. In these cases, a ledger memorial is an ideal way to meet all of their requirements.

Our ledger memorials are made from the finest granite available, giving the assurance of a durable, low maintenance and long lasting presence. We are also able to provide inscriptions, as we can with our memorial plaques and headstones. Ledgers are designed to lay level on the ground above a final resting place, so the possibility of them being knocked over or falling down is removed, ensuring the safety of all who attend the burial site over the years.

These memorials are often a good deal larger than a traditional headstone. This allows you to have a more detailed inscription placed upon it if you wish, along with images and graphics. Over our many years of service we have been able to bring comfort to friends and family of the deceased by ensuring that they can create a truly unique and personal memorial for the person they loved.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the people of the UK may have the perfect form of memorial for lost loved ones at supportive pricing. Whether you believe a headstone, a ledger memorial, a kerb set or another form of memorial would be the most fitting, we will assist you in any way that we can.

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