Remembering your pet

Pet funerals have become hugely popular in the UK over the last few years as people look for memorable ways to commemorate their beloved companions. In 2015 researchers Mintel conducted a survey to ask people in Britain how they marked the death of a pet. According to the data, one in four pet owners will now arrange a formal send-off.

The industry is now said to be worth over £100 million a year, and there are now many different options to choose from in terms of the funeral and commemoration. Pets can be buried or cremated, so owners can decide which to opt for. There are pet cemeteries and crematoria throughout Britain to cater for the increased demand.

Commemorative products and pet memorials come in more designs than ever before so people can choose a personal way to remember their pets. Owners can choose headstones and plaques, bespoke caskets and urns, or even have ashes turned into beads or diamonds so they can hold on to the memory of their companion.

The growth of the industry shows that Britain truly is a nation of animal lovers. Many people create strong emotional attachments to their pets, and the loss can be devastating. Giving pets a proper send off can help people to come to terms with their grief while also celebrating the qualities that made their pet special.

At UK Memorial Service we understand how difficult it is to handle the loss of a loved pet. That is why we offer a range of memorials that can be personalised in several different ways with text or your favourite picture. Words and images can be inscribed on the piece with care and precision, producing a beautiful finish.

We work closely with our clients to help them create the perfect design, offering support throughout the whole process whether we are producing a pet memorial or one of our adults or childrens headstones. We will confirm all details before we manufacture the piece, ensuring everything is correct. You can view the designs we offer on our website or contact us for information.

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