Securely fixing headstones and other memorials

When headstones and memorials are positioned in cemeteries or any other locations, it is essential that they are fixed professionally. This will give them stability and make sure they stay upright throughout all kinds of weather. The installation should always be done by a qualified specialist (or specialists) to ensure the fixing meets the required standards for health and safety.

One important thing to consider when fixing a headstone is the type of ground you are dealing with. It is likely the stone will be heavy and when positioned it will put considerable pressure on the ground. To maximise stability it is important that the ground is well compacted. Loose soil will not provide a solid base and is likely to allow stones to move over time. You should also keep the porosity of the soil in mind because wet weather can affect stability too.

Without proper fixing, headstones and other memorial pieces such as plaques, ledgers and kerb sets can all shift over time. In the worst cases, they can sink and end up getting covered over by soil and turf. When this happens, it can cause a great deal of damage to the stone, as well as preventing people from viewing it and respecting their loved ones.

At UK Memorial Service we provide professional fixing alongside manufacturing and delivering all types of memorials and headstones. We are proud to be part of both BRAMM and NAMM so we can provide an installation service to suit almost any kind of setting. We ensure all pieces are properly positioned and securely fitted so they will stand the test of time and withstand the pressures put on them by the elements.

We provide free fixing with many of our memorial products and can cover the majority of England. For other parts of the UK we request you contact us to discuss the cemetery and accessibility in advance. This will help us get a better idea of whether we can serve you. Please note that the fixing requirements differ depending on the type of memorial you choose and the setting. The standards for larger memorials such as kerb sets are stricter. Mausoleums and vaults are likely to require permanent foundations.

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