Select from our varied range of memorial verse

The words people select for memorials are always deeply personal. It is important to express our emotions when we have suffered a bereavement; the process is different for everyone, and the words we select for inscription on headstones and memorials are the ideal way of paying tribute to our dear departed. For many of us, verse allows us to express our grief in a tangible way.

We are the UK’s largest supplier of memorial plaques and other memorial products, and included in our selection is a vast selection of verses. Every passing leaves loved ones and family members with decisions to make regarding burial, ceremony and headstones. If you are arranging funerals without knowing the express wishes of the deceased, the process can be even more challenging. We offer a helpful service that ensures you will have all the assistance you need as you make your choices.

Many people know how they feel and the sentiment they want to convey, but find it difficult to articulate those feelings in words. Grief affects us both emotionally and physically, and it can be a huge effort to carry out the most simple of tasks when we are fragile. If you feel you cannot find the right words to inscribe on your chosen headstone or memorial product we will provide you with patient and sensitive assistance. We have vast experience in every aspect of memorial design and construction, and we can help you with beneficial guidance and suggestions.

Many people find inspiration from poetry, literature and music. Lyrics and narrative can eloquently speak for us when we are grieving. The words of others who have experienced the same pain can effectively and beautifully convey our emotions. If you feel you need assistance with verse selection, we offer a range of traditional and powerful verses to encapsulate every emotion and capture the gravitas of your loss. Our collection offers vast choice and is sure to hold the words that will perfectly honour and commemorate your loved one.

We are fully aware of the importance of selecting the right words, and we assure our customers we are here to help. Our team is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable and we provide a compassionate and helpful service at all times. We supply a full range of products including headstones, cremation memorials, memorial plaques and many more, allowing you to pay tribute in a way that suits your needs.

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