Some of the world’s most beautiful memorials

Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont is one of the most widely visited cemeteries in the whole world. It attracts this attention because it is filled with over 10,000 stunning, unique memorials, including a half size copy of a racing car that was driven by Armand J. Laquerre III. The site covers 53 acres and visitors can walk around, take a guided tour or even drive themselves around to see the amazing works of art.

It may be the sculptures that make the cemetery unique, but the material they are made from is equally famous. They are all crafted from locally quarried Barre grey granite, one of the most popular materials for headstones and memorials in the US. The city is home to the world’s biggest deep hole granite quarry, Rock of Ages, and has produced a huge volume of stone over the years. In fact it is predicted that around 1 in every three in the country is made from the material.

The monuments in the cemetery include many contemporary designs. One of the most famous shows married couple William and Gwendolyn Halvosa sitting up in their bed holding hands with their tombs resting side by side below it. As well as this there is a huge football, a bi-plane flying over the clouds and a replica of Pieta by Michelangelo.

The beautiful memorials at Hope Cemetery show just how much thought and effort people put into commemorating their loved ones. Each piece is personal and many of them are artworks, creating long-lasting reminders of the life the person or people lived. They also display the skills of the talented artisans that make them.

At UK Memorial Service we subscribe to this same philosophy, designing adults’ and children’s headstones and other memorial products that are personal and made with passion. Everything we make is hand finished and bespoke as standard. We use the highest quality materials we can, including several different colours of granite and marble.

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