Stunning headstones and memorials for churchyards

Churchyards all across the UK will have their own rules about headstones and other memorial products. These will affect the size and shape of the pieces as well as the type of materials you can choose. It is important to check in advance what the rules are, particularly before you start designing a product, or you could find you are unable to have the design you want.

Churchyards are likely to prefer traditional style memorials rather than modern ones with complex shapes. Many of them will have rules in place to help the site maintain specific aesthetics. This could include only using certain traditional materials like sandstone and limestone rather than marble, granite or slate. Again you should check this because some materials will cost more than others and have different upkeep requirements.

Churchyard headstones can be personalised in several ways, similar to other kinds of products. They can have images engraved in them and messages inscribed but you may need to be more conservative. Instead of images of cartoon characters and other things they will typically be engraved with more traditional things like flowers and crucifixes. The smaller, less complex engravings leave more room for inscriptions and put more emphasis on them.

At UK Memorial Service we have a very wide range of different adult’s and children’s headstones on offer, including designs in several materials. We strive to produce items that are the perfect combination of traditional and personal. All of the memorials are handmade by experienced stonemasons, ensuring they are beautifully presented. This also means we can provide all kinds of personalisation, including bespoke carvings, engraving and inscriptions.

Our range of products includes several kinds of sandstone and limestone in many beautiful colours. We have the classic York stone, churchyard favourite Portland stone and the beautiful Nabresina too. There are also several granite headstones specifically designed to look rustic and sit perfectly in churchyards.

It is our aim to supply the best products, satisfy the wishes of our clients and help them to meet the requirements of the churchyard. We are flexible and will always produce the highest quality headstones and memorials.

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