Surrounding grave sites with elegant kerb sets

When looking for a truly traditional style of memorial, many people opt for the enduring elegance offered by kerb sets, which can be found in cemeteries across the UK. These sets offer a classic style and continue to be an incredibly popular choice for the final resting places of family members and loved ones.

A kerb set provides a surrounding headstone for the whole grave. They are perfect for singular placement, or they can easily be combined with a traditional upright headstone. They are versatile memorial items that offer vast flexibility. We carry an extensive selection that is sure to offer the solution to every need. Our products can be modified and adapted to meet your specific requirements, and we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke service if requested.

The interior area of the kerb set can be filled with loose chippings in a varied range of colours. This not only protects the surface of the grave against weather conditions and people walking over it, but it also lets you create the aesthetic appearance of your choice. If this is not to your liking you can opt for the placement of a ledger or slab to provide a solid covering. The surface can easily be complemented with graceful designs such as graphics, images and text.

Our kerb sets are constructed from the highest quality and most durable materials including granite and marble. Each product will provide the best level of protection for the grave of your loved one and you can be sure of successful resistance to strong weather conditions.

We know the importance of memorials as well as the financial burden they can place on us when we are bereaved, which is why we offer affordable and discount prices. Our services are designed to reduce pressure and ensure a simple and stress free process. Grief can of course be very difficult, but we are a professional and dedicated team that provides every customer with a supportive and compassionate service. We can offer beautifully and carefully carved kerb sets, ledgers, vases, plaques and much more.

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