Taking care of kerb sets

Taking care of a burial plot is important if you want to give a loved one a well tended resting place. In many cemeteries, the ground staff will do much of the cleaning work, but you’ll still need to take care of the headstone yourself and might be required to remove any flowers when they wither. It is wise to plan ahead when choosing the memorial for the grave so you know how much maintenance work will be required.

A great option if you want to surround the whole burial plot is to choose kerb sets to go alongside the headstone. The kerbs mark the outer boundaries of the grave and enclose it. The space between can be filled with decorative gravel, be used for planting flowers and small shrubs or you can cover it over with a large stone slab if you wish. Surrounds can be personalised so they match the style of the headstone and you can also add additional inscriptions to them if there are words you can’t fit on to the stone.

If you choose kerbs without a slab to cover the grave you’ll need to keep a closer eye on maintenance. Kerb sets are installed to the same high standards as headstones but there is still the potential for the ground to move and for them to get disturbed. When this happens the whole surround could get damaged if it isn’t repositioned quickly. Kerb sets will also provide a gathering place for leaves and other debris so you’ll need to keep removing them periodically.

Kerbed headstones look amazing when fitted and give you the chance to personalise the whole grave. You can leave the space between kerbs open and covered with turf if you like or opt for something special to differentiate the plot. Planting between the surrounds is popular and gives people an extra reason to continue visiting the cemetery so they can care for the flowers and plants. Alternatively you can create beautiful patterns with various different coloured gravels.

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