Ten of the best animal memorials in the world

Memorials provide a lasting reminder of lives that enriched those of others. As well as commemorating the lives of people, many of us also choose to memorialise our animal friends with memorial plaques, headstones and other monuments. Here we look at ten of the best memorials from around the world dedicated to animals.

1) On the island of Guam there is a special memorial for the Devil Dogs, 25 marine dogs trained specifically for jungle warfare in World War II. The memorial is topped with a carving of a dog and stands as a long time reminder of the sacrifice they made and lives they saved.

2) In Australia a family wanted to do something extra special to commemorate their dog Phoebe, so they placed a bucket of tennis balls on the beach for other dog lovers to use. A sign was included with a picture of Phoebe and a personal message.

3) In Riverside, California you’ll find the West Coast War Dog Memorial. The piece commemorates the dogs and soldiers they served in the war. The base is decorated with markers for individual dogs, each one featuring a single paw print.

4) In Jersey City, New Jersey, there is a special memorial to commemorate the working dogs that helped to search for survivors after the events of 9/11.

5) Franklin D. Roosevelt is regarded as one of the most popular Presidents the US has known. He played a pivotal part in establishing the US on the global stage and also redefined the role of the government in the country. His memorial in Washington shows him alongside his equally famous pet, Fala.

6) The Animals in War memorial in London is a dedication to the animals that fought in wars during the 20th Century alongside Commonwealth and Allied forces. It sits at Brook Gate on the very edge of Hyde Park. The memorial was specially crafted and is one of the most visually stunning animal memorials in the world.

7) In 1995 a cow named Emily escaped from a slaughterhouse in Massachusetts and successfully evaded capture for 40 days before being purchased by a local family. Emily would live out the rest of her days at the Peace Abbey and go on to be a figurehead for animal rights. Her grave is marked with a life sized statue.

8) Alongside the Green Renaissance Highway in Cape Town, South Africa there is a memorial carved to commemorate the 312 rhinos that have been lost to poachers in the area. Stencils were used to carve images of rhinos and a cross to depict each one that was lost.

9) In Cleveland, Ohio there is a statue to honour Smoky, a tiny 4lb Yorkshire Terrier who was a sensation in World War II. Smoky was a therapy dog and also helped to string communication cables in the Philippines, saving countless planes and soldiers in the process.

10) From 1991 to 2004 the Capitol building in Sacramento was graced by a very special visitor. Senator Capitol Kitty was a local stray that lived in the park around the building. She was beloved by staff and visitors alike. Former First Lady Sharon Davis even wrote a fictional book for children about her adventures. A permanent plaque sits outside the building now, marking her favourite spot.

Pet memorials are fitting tributes for animals that have touched the lives of the people they have met and even saved. These examples demonstrate how many different ways there are to remember a beloved animal. If you’re looking to commemorate the life of a faithful companion UK Memorial Service offers a wide selection of high quality bespoke memorials for you to choose from. Each of them can be personalised in any number of ways, including a carving of your favourite image.

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