The importance of using accredited memorial masons

It should go without saying that memorials are something which should not, under any circumstances, be designed, crafted and created by anyone other than dedicated and qualified professionals. In order to identify those who have proven capable of creating professional quality headstones and other forms of memorials, the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) was established in 2004. Here at UK Memorial Service we are very proud of our accreditation from this organization, as it gives those who require our services the confidence that they are receiving the very best available.

BRAMM accreditation is only awarded to those memorial masons who have shown they not only create memorials to the highest standards, but can also ensure the headstones are correctly and safely fixed in place. The requirements of BS 8415 are used to measure the performance, with the expectancy being that work should meet and exceed this in order to be awarded accreditation. Due to the high standard and values their accreditation has, the overwhelming majority of burial sites in the UK will not permit memorials to be placed if they have been created by non-BRAMM members.

Being awarded BRAMM accreditation is not a one-off matter. Those who are accredited must regularly apply for their licence to be renewed, with relevant inspections and reviews of the work being taken first. This process ensures that standards are not allowed to slip, and to this end BRAMM also routinely remove accreditation from companies that no longer meet the standards of safety and quality.

We have all seen stories on the news that have seen headstones either being refused permission to be placed, or have received an instruction to have them removed. In virtually all cases it has transpired that the work was not done to the set and expected standards of BRAMM accreditation.

We appreciate that it is difficult to choose adults’ and children’s headstones for loved ones, but when approaching someone to create a memorial for the deceased it is important that you are working with professionals. Our BRAMM accreditation gives you the assurance that we can create and install the perfect memorial for your loved one.

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