The restoration of a treasured Luton landmark

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Recently, massive restoration work started on the Luton War Memorial, one of the town’s most recognised and cherished landmarks. The Borough Council has been bestowed with a grant by the War Memorials Trust to assist with the project. Said work shall include cleaning the memorial and the statue, temporarily dismantling the existing structure and redefining the lettering.

Costs are expected to be in the area of £30,000, but the trust has agreed to meet three quarters of the bill, provided that the council contributes the remaining amount. Work is currently underway and shall be accomplished through two stages, with a break for the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Phase one will involve the raising of a scaffold to permit the letter redefinition, cleaning and other works.

Once Remembrance Day has passed, some of the structure’s lower parts that have started to move over the years will be dismantled in order to be fixed and reassembled. This shall be accomplished utilising traditional methods and will act as phase two. The project is a fantastic example of how memorials can be retained for the long term so remembrance can continue.

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