The rising popularity of columbaria

The last few years have seen a marked increase in the number of people who seek interment for cremated remains. Traditionally it has been the accepted practice for the bereaved family to take the ashes of the deceased away for private safekeeping or dispersal. While many people still do this, the requests to secure a final resting place for ashes have risen. Our memorial masons design and create columbaria which allow this service to be offered by churches and formal burial sites in the UK and around the world.

Columbaria provide a respectful way to lay ashes to rest. While designed and crafted in a way that is mindful of the importance of a dignified appearance, they serve to address a number of practical considerations. As has been widely reported, many graveyards and churchyards in the UK are running out of space to accommodate burials. A columbarium makes efficient and practical use of the space available, all while ensuring that a beautiful memorial stands in remembrance of the deceased.

Columbaria have been relatively rare here in the UK for many years, with traditional headstones being the preferred choice. Despite this, our memorial masons are known for their expert craftsmanship and have many years of experience in creating columbaria. Many countries, particularly Italy, China and the United States, have regarded interment in columbaria as a natural choice. We have had the honour of designing, making and exporting many columbaria to these nations. Our reputation for excellence in memorials means that overseas clients have often sought us out for this purpose.

With interment of ashes now being accommodated by many churches and other formal burial sites, there is an elevated level of demand for columbaria. We are proud of the fact that our work has made us the leading choice for these types of memorials. Our team of masons are able to design and build columbaria which provide safe and secure storage for cremated remains, as well as giving the appearance you want.

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