The wonderful memorials of the world

The time during which a loved one passes is not an easy one; this is why we aim to provide the most thoughtful of memorials to the families that come to us. Not only do we offer them an expertly hand crafted and highly personalised tribute to their family members, we make sure that they are supported fully throughout their time with us.

Regardless of their purpose or what they represent, be it a war memorial or a dedication to peace, memorials stand out as a shining example in the community due to their elegant and unique appearance. Because of the massive amount of history surrounding them, simply standing in front of one can induce an awe inspiring experience.

Memorials exist all over the world and calling some of them impressive would be quite the understatement. Found in Romania, the Maraseti Heroes Mausoleum was constructed as a dedication to those who fought for freedom during the Battle of Maraseti in 1917. This historical structure stands on the former battle grounds and is home to many relics from this period.

Located in Japan and dedicated to those who helped build a peaceful foundation for the country, the Yasukuni Shrine came to be in 1869. This shrine holds a deep and personal relationship with the imperial family, who attend twice a year during spring and autumn. Massive rituals take place here, where His Majesty the Emperor presents offerings that are dedicated to the spirits.

Each of the wonderful memorials around the world tells a story and preserves vital memories. It is important that they are protected and preserved so that they can continue to do just that.

At UK Memorial Service we go above and beyond to ensure that families receive the memorials that they deserve. When they come to us with the specifications for their memorial, we work tirelessly to ensure that they are all met to the highest standards. If you wish to find out more about our services, feel free to contact us.

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