Tributes that belong to the family

Memorials are the final tribute offered to a person who has led an excellent life. Families go through the toughest of times when a loved one passes on and to help them, we provide a wide array of products that are personalised to reflect the deceased family member’s lifestyle and the things they love.

No one should be denied memorials for any reason; those who do or provide an improper service are dishonouring the memory of the deceased. Recently, a Nuneaton family have been told that they cannot buy a memorial vase to be put up at a local cemetery. They asked the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council if they could put it there but were informed that they could only rent one. This shows how different the rules are at each cemetery across the UK. In some the plans to put their own vase in place would have been perfectly acceptable.

As a result of the decision, the family have opted to honour the deceased with a memorial in their own garden. In addition, they have also called on the council to change its policies. The first of these shows that people can make their own arrangements outside of the cemetery or churchyard if they want to get their wishes. Having a memorial at home also offers big advantages because it means the family can watch over it and a reminder of the deceased is always close by.

At UK Memorial Service we understand that families are already going through hard enough times without there being complications with the memorials. Our memorial vases are designed to comfort bereaved families when they need it the most. Each one is personalised so they make beautiful, long lasting tributes that you can place all kinds of flowers in.

For memorial vases that are truly special, we are the provider to come to. You can view many of the designs on our website and also call on us if you have a unique idea in mind. As you can see from the products on our website we can offer vases in a variety of shapes so you can rely on us to offer advice about what can be done.

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