Unique memorials for unborn children

When an expectant mother miscarries before 24 weeks, there is no formal recognition of the unborn baby. Some hospitals will provide a certificate in memory if requested, but many parents find the absence of legal recognition difficult to deal with, as they feel their grief is not being officially acknowledged. It is perfectly understandable to experience a sense of bereavement and loss after a miscarriage, just as we would with the loss of any other family member. In these cases, it can be very helpful to create or do something to mark the loss of the unborn child.

Some people choose to hold a funeral or ceremony following a miscarriage, although this is entirely down to individual choice and preference. Holding a memorial service in the hospital can be comforting for some parents. Many people opt to create a memorial at home or in an alternative location that means something to them.

Choosing a memorial for a child is something no parent ever wants to do, and though the process is difficult it can go a long way to helping you feel like you have done something special for your baby. Many people choose to plant flowers or a tree in their garden or a local garden of remembrance to honour their child, sometimes enhancing them with engraved memorial plaques.

We understand the importance of commemoration after you have experienced a loss. If you wish to place a headstone or memorial in your garden or other location, we can offer you durable, strong and affordable products which are personalised to your wishes. Our collection is larger than any other in the UK, and we offer discount products that are constructed with care and provide beautiful tribute along with excellent value for money. Whether you wish to write your own words for your baby or you wish to choose from our verses our design team will ensure your wishes are met. We can also incorporate scan pictures and other images into children’s memorials, if required.

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