Vital protection for a meaningful memorial

Memorial kerb sets are designed to make tributes to lost loved ones all the more special. They serve a very important purpose; enclosing a grave space or cremation plot so that it is protected. They also provide a gorgeous border for an extraordinary headstone, plaque or sculpture. As an addition these products, kerbs make the memorial look and feel like a complete tribute.

When choosing kerbs you want to make sure the design is to your liking and that the material can stand the test of time. Memorials are made of specially selected materials to ensure that they last. Marble is one of the most popular choices since it enables easy manufacturing of the piece, is easy to polish, and makes inscriptions of graphics and text possible. If you are planning to place your memorial in a rural and dry area, marble is the choice for you.

Another viable option for your memorial is to have it made of granite. This is known for not only its physical prowess, but for its resistance to hydrocarbon and acid rain pollution. Due to its resistant properties it requires minimal maintenance and as a result is quite cost effective. This makes it really good for kerb sets and large memorials that would otherwise take a lot of care to look after.

At UK Memorial Service we provide you with the most personal and meaningful tributes possible. We provide kerb sets made from both marble and granite with a plethora of design options available. If you want to remember your loved ones by providing a kerbs, contact us and we can discuss the specifications with you.

You can personalise the piece to suit your requirements and also have the option for which type of covering you would like for the burial plot. You can leave it open, use coloured chippings, place a stone slab, or use the space for grass and plants.

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