When a pet passes away

When a beloved pet passes away, there are several different options for giving them the perfect send off. There are various pet cemeteries throughout the UK where pets are interred in the same manner as people, often with ledgers, kerb sets and grave ornaments to memorialise them. This is becoming an increasingly popular option for bereaved pet owners across the country.

Many people wish to keep their animal friends close to them after they pass rather than having them in a cemetery, so they choose to have them laid to rest in their garden. This gives you the opportunity to memorialise your pet in any way you wish, perhaps with a headstone or by placing a special plant or tree over their resting site. However, it is important to ask your local council to make sure a garden burial will be feasible and that the grave site will be well away from any water systems.

If you do not wish to actually have your pet interred in your garden, you can still memorialise them there with an installation such as a slate, piece of carved wood or rock, or a plaque bearing their name and image. Gardens are often special spots for our pets where they love to play and spend time outdoors, so a garden memorial makes a fitting way to remember them. You may even be able to dedicate a bench or a tree in a local park to them.

Cremations are another option after the death of a pet, and can usually be carried out by a local vet. You can scatter the ashes in a particular place or keep them at home in an urn. Some people even opt to deal with pet ashes in a more unusual way, such as having the ashes made into cremation jewellery.

A memorial can be a useful way to help you deal with the loss of a cherished pet, just as it can be with the loss of a friend or family member. We offer a wide selection of memorials for animals and will always be happy to offer advice to help you choose the right option for your needs and budget.

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